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At CSUN, the students who attend come from various backgrounds whether that be racially, academically, financially and other key factors that make up such a diverse campus. However, many of the Census data reported, does not account for the campus due to the fact that like myself, students may not originally be from Northridge. Because I am from the Bay area, the information I give for the Census is accounted for in my hometown. This is the case for many students due to CSUN having a large commuter population as well as students who come from all over the country.

According to Census Reporter the median household income in the Northridge is $71,400, while the income per capita is $35,680. There is a big difference between these two numbers and 14.8% of people in the Northridge area fall below the poverty line. With COVID-19 still an issue, it has specifically hit lower income neighborhoods harder due to lack of resources and information. Because California is expensive and the income per capita is lower, Northridge has many apartment buildings that are very close together. This statistic, however, does not include most CSUN students and the students that live in off campus housing.

Income from Census Reporter

Though CSUN can be considered a diverse campus, Northridge itself is 37% White and 38% Hispanic. Northridge is a small city, however as you drive through you can see the difference of the areas that are predominantly White versus the areas that consist of mostly Black and Hispanic residents. Following these statistics, Northridge has a 16% Asian and 7% Black population.

Race and Ethnicity from Census Reporter

Something I found shocking was that 45% of migrants in Northridge were born in Asia. The reason I found this shocking is because Northridge has a lower Asian population, and they are not as represented as much. With Northridge having a large Hispanic population, 43% of the place of birth is in Latin America.

Census Reporter also stated that 50% of children ages 5-17 speak English only at home. For adults 18 and up, 48% speak English only. One thing to keep in mind is that for children, 30% of them speak Spanish only that home. This has something to do with the high migrant percentage from Latin America.

The COVID-19 infection rate according to Corona Virus tracker states that there are 10,187 COVID cases per 100,000 people. As we continue to distribute vaccines and rebuild the economy and the public’s overall health. This number is expected to decrease.




A journalism student just trying to bring information and joy to the world. 🌏

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Arryana Jackson

Arryana Jackson

A journalism student just trying to bring information and joy to the world. 🌏

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